As a life coach, I also work with couples who are dealing with relationship issues. Although there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to every issue, there is a 3 step technique that I've used with my private coaching clients that has been extremely helpful in improving their relationships. One of my clients called me after doing this consistently for 30 days to say, "Taylor, this has been amazing. Thank you so much, it has saved my marriage."

This simple and easy technique works for men and women in most cases even when their relationships are in serious trouble. I personally believe this would decrease the divorce rate and save many broken relationships. Even if you aren't really having issues and just want to improve your relationship, this will work wonders. This technique is very important to practice in a brand new relationship - It will increase your chances of having a more successful, long-lasting relationship or marriage. 

Do these 3 things every day for 30 days and see what happens.​   

1. Each day, make a list of 2 different things you appreciate about your spouse or partner. You can't repeat the         same two things and each day they have to be different than any other day. Even if you are upset with each         other or you're not even talking or you just want to kill them and the only thing you're thankful for, is that they         don't beat the crap out of  you, then write that down. 

2. Every day let them know one of the things you wrote down for that day. 

3. Once a week, send them a romantic, greeting card in the mail - Yes, I said, send it in the mail!

3 ways to show your appreciation

1. Face to face - Be sincere, look right into their eyes, hold their hand or hug them  when  you tell them what you      appreciate about them. 

2. A Note - Leave them a note, note card or post it note where they will find it - In the shoes they're  going to              wear that day, on their rear view mirror, in the drivers seat, on the bathroom mirror, next to  their plate for                breakfast or dinner at home, etc.

     Sign it with - I love you, your pet name, with love, love always, draw a heart, etc.

3. Phone call or text - A phone call is best, unless you absolutely can't call them. If they don't do texting, then             don't send them a text - That doesn't count! Call them and if you don't reach them in person, leave a nice               message. If they don't mention that they got your message, then nicely ask them if they did.

Important tips to remember

Be sincere, make your partner or spouse feel special, respected, loved, appreciated and that they matter.

If you want them to change or want your relationship to improve, then you have the best chance by changing yourself instead of  trying to change them.

When you first met your partner or spouse, if you treated them then, they way you treat them now, would they have kept seeing you? 

I heard the great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar say, after 50 years of marriage to his wife, "the little red head", as he affectionately called her, ​"I still court my wife and we have a date night every week."

Men do you still court your wife? Ladies do do you still have date nights?

"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it."

Mark Twain

Send me an email - I would love to hear how this works in your life

or if you need additional help with relationship issues.


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