“You look like a dancing cow – in fact you look so bad I can’t even watch you dance!”

Ouch! Those words that were said to me really stung at the time, but help propel me to success. Oh yes I wanted to dance like the masters, but I had two left feet that usually ended up in my mouth instead of going in the right direction on the dance floor. I was anything but graceful without a clue of what to do with my awkward and clumsy body.

Who did I think I was at 56, trying to learn Argentine Tango, the hardest dance in the world? I’ll tell you who I was – I was the bumble bee whose wings are too small for it to be able to fly, but she doesn’t know it, so she flies. Even though I could hardly stand up, wobbled uncontrollably and stepped all over my partners’ feet, I never told myself I couldn’t learn to dance.

The first time I went to a dance and was asked to dance by a gentleman, it scared the crap out of me because I didn’t know how to dance. I shook my head no, then my best friend said to me, “Whenever you’re asked to dance, you get up and dance.” Then she shoved me out onto the dance floor – it was was not a fun experience.

I had two choices; either tuck my tail between my legs and slink off into the dark or do whatever it took to be an accomplished dancer. I wanted the thrill of victory instead of the agony of defeat! I immediately started taking private lessons and practicing what I’d learned at home by myself almost every day. Believe me, I was not a natural talent and it didn’t come easy – I had to work my tail off.

As I stumbled my way across the dance floor I would visualize myself as an accomplished dancer performing in front of an audience. When I watched the masters perform, it would inspire me! I thought, “Someday I will dance like them!”

Fast forward six years later; Imagine how I felt performing in front of an audience with my dance partner and hearing the loud applause as we finished!

Have you ever felt like a dancing cow?