​Your love language can change depending on what the circumstances are in your life,

however you will have one dominant love language most of the time.

 To learn more about your  love language

One way to determine their love language

How do they naturally express love and caring to others?

♥ What do they complain about the most?

♥ What do they keep asking from you and nagging you about?

​Listen for clues

"You never spend enough time with me."

​"My neck and shoulders are so tight. I need a massage."

​"You don't _________________ like you used to."

"I love flowers. Look at those roses, they're so beautiful."

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me some great advice. she said, "Honey, God gave you two ears and one mouth,so that means you need to listen twice as much as you talk."  There is a big difference in just hearing what someone else is saying and actively listening to them. When you are actively listen, you are in the present moment, engaged and connected. If you are smart, you will do your best to understand what their needs are and if you don't know, then ask them what makes them feel loved, cared for and important. If you help meet their love language needs, you will most likely get more of what you need and want. It's also important that you let them know what makes you feel loved, cared for and important.

​"If you help others get what they want, you'll get what you want."

​Zig Ziglar


What is a love language?​

​It's the way we feel loved -  It's what makes us feel important, cared for and that we matter. We all have certain needs and when those needs aren't being met, especially in a close relationship or friendship, there will almost always be problems. So much of the time we either don't voice our needs and ask for them or if we do, the other person doesn't always truly listen and attempt to meet our needs. This can lead to resentment, hurt feelings and assuming the other person doesn't care, which is seldom the case. So often people do really love and care about each other, but aren't communicating it in the other persons love language.

One way to determine your love language

Ask yourself these questions:

♥ How do I express love and caring to others?

♥ What do I complain about the most in another person?

♥ What do I think about or request the most often of others?

♥ What is it I don't feel that I get enough of from others?

​Look familiar?

Have you been in this situation before?

One of the reasons so many of us have problems in our relationships is we each have our own primary love language. Seldom do a husband and wife, friends, family members or anyone have the same love language.  We each tend to speak and give to others what our own  love language is and then become confused when others don't understand what we're communicating. Once you identify what yours as well as others love language is, you'll have discovered one of the keys to a better, long-lasting friendship, relationship or marriage. 

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