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​                                                                 WHO’S THE MATTER WITH ME?

I recently had an “Aha moment” when I finally got the answer I had been seeking, for so long. It was so clear to me at that moment and yet I wondered why I hadn’t figured this out before. My Mother said to me when I was a teenager, “Honey pay attention to your gut feeling, because it’s always right.”  I was too young then to know what this meant.

Once again, I had gone through a few years of extreme financial struggles, so I made a decision right then, that my life had to change! I wanted to know the truth about why my life wasn’t working very well, so I asked for the answer. As I looked back at all the times I had gone through financial struggles before, I also looked at the people who were very close to me in my life during those times and I could see a pattern - that was my ‘aha moment!”

                 “People will tell you or show you who they really are and when they do, believe them the first time.”

                                                                                    Maya Angelou

These people had shown me more than once, but I chose to ignore the little red flags and warning signs. My intuition told me in subtle ways that they weren’t good for me and I ignored it. It wasn’t only their behavior, it was mostly the poor choices I made because of allowing myself to be influenced by them and those choices, had consequences.

At first, these friendships and situations served me, but little by little, I allowed myself to get distracted and off course. I also ignored that little voice inside that kept telling me this wasn’t good for me. Not only was my life  stressful, my income was also decreasing and I couldn’t figure out why. Each time these people were removed from my life either by my choice or theirs, not only did my life improve, my income practically doubled and tripled in a very short time. Mother was right!

                                                                           Taylor Kay Stephens​