“When I started working with Taylor I was so overwhelmed and stressed with more work than time. As we worked together she showed me how to carve out 25 hours of time in my weekly schedule specifically to work on my business. She showed me practices that brought more abundance and as a result I felt at peace in my work as well as enjoying time with my children. I feel like it’s all covered so this working, homeschooling, mother of six can have time to play and rest too. I can never recommend Taylor highly enough. She’s brilliant, fun, loving and practical. When she needed to be, she was straight forward with me –all that one needs in a mentor who helps you create real results. Thank you Taylor!”

Donna Vail - Dallas, TX

​​"Taylor, your very easy, practical and inspiring techniques have literally transformed my life in five weeks! I've gone from totally helpless to having my power back and completely changing my finances from a total shambles to saving money.  I've gone from barely being able to walk and using a walker, to taking thirty steps on my own. What's amazing is that this has all been done with Skype and over the phone - you are brilliant!!!

Stephanie Leivas   Lake Havasu, AZ 

"Several years ago I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident which left me with a partial spinal cord injury. After extensive rehabilitation in some of the best hospitals,  doctors  basically  told me  that  I  would not be able to walk again.  I spent the next eight years in a wheel chair . After working with Taylor, I now have my freedom back.  I'm out of my wheel chair and able to walk again. Taylor is an incredible coach - her skills, experience and knowledge are superb. I have made more progress with her than with the doctors or physical therapists.  She would be an asset in any situation and I highly recommend her to anyone."
Jack Hopkins - Dallas, Texas​

"At last,  something that flat out works! After many attempts at trying to get a big project done without any success, I had all but given up because it was just too overwhelming and I always dreaded working on it. I finally  decided to use your method and it worked where nothing else had. I couldn't believe how  easy and simple it was and how fast I was able to finish this project. What was so surprising to me was, I actually enjoyed the process and looked forward to working on it. Your money technique is incredible. I have wanted to go visit my family, whom I haven't seen in years, for a long time and never had the money. Now because of what I learned, I'll finally be able to take a vacation to see them. Taylor, your techniques are so easy to understand and very practical and you're right - these things are so simple that a child could do them. If anyone wants to get out of being overwhelmed, accomplish any task or project, break bad habits and help get the chaos out of their life, they need to work with you." 
 ​                                                                                                                          Midge Herd - Ft. Worth, Texas

“Taylor I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for what you’ve done for me - you are a miracle worker!! Less than a month ago, before working with you, my life was in complete chaos, I was severely depressed and paralyzed with fear. I was in a state of panic from being completely broke financially and ten years’ behind in my taxes. Now  my taxes are almost finished and ready for my CPA. I also have a new job and I’m finally getting my financial life back on track! You walked me through the highs and lows of each day and showed me how to move forward one step at a time.  Your kind, funny and energetic way of teaching me how to change my life is a breath of fresh air! Your methods and techniques are extremely powerful, fast and effective. My world has completely changed and I no longer live in stress and fear. You’ve helped me to change everything for the better." 

​Deb B.



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Get the real story here!

​        How many of these describe you right now: 

        Frustrated, irritated, stressed, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, angry, dealing with a toxic                    person, despair, hopeless, scared, paralyzed with fear, confused, fatigued, addicted to sugar,                     feeling stuck or like you're spinning your wheels. 

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"I've been there - you are not alone and there's help now!"
                                                      Get back on track in 15 minutes starting today ,                                                                    with very powerful, easy and effective techniques that get real results.

  Some were developed by an expert and a former Olympic athlete.

 they're so simple a child can do them!

    You'll discover...                 

  • How to find the hidden reasons and root cause of why your life and business isn't working well
  • How to prevent a potential disaster by discovering this one thing which can destroy your life, business and income​
  • How to stop people, situations and things from running your health and life 
  • How to get out of overwhelm, reduce stress, and procrastination, stay on top of everyday tasks, paperwork and stop getting behind
  • Fix your money woes, get your finances together and stop this one "good" intention that keeps you in debt 
  • Eliminate the stress of getting your taxes done by the deadline and never get behind again
  • How to break a bad habit within minutes, tackle any project and get it done no matter overwhelming it may be
  • How to get organized, find things faster, be efficient, get more accomplished, stop being so scattered and actually create time in your your day 

You know what, you're not a bad person, you're not broken and don't need to be fixed.

There are just some things in your life that need to be changed.  

                                                                     I know that by now you've probably tried to change and honestly,                                                                        if you knew what was wrong or how to make things different, you would have by now.

No matter what your circumstances are or how impossible it may seem,

it is possible to change and turn things around.  

​I'll show you, step by step, help you find your way out of the chaos into calm .

  You'll learn my own personal system that has worked for so many others no matter what their situation.

I won't teach you anything I haven't personally experienced and done myself.

                                     I won't sugar-coat anything, give you a bunch of fluff and puff or something I heard or read that sounded good.                          You'll get the real truth for a real solution.

        I help people create miracles in their life!

      Why should you listen to me?

  • ​​​Do you feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster?
  • Are you stressed from saying "yes" to too many people or things?
  • Do you have a difficult, toxic or abusive person in your life?
  • Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Are you taking care of everyone else but you?
  • Are you doing things out of obligation then feeling guilty when you don't?
  • Do you feel scattered, like your always running out of time, trying to get caught up and can't seem to get it together?
  • Are you procrastinating, unorganized, have piles of paperwork or clutter everywhere and constantly looking       for things? 
  • Is it hard to get ahead financially or out of debt? Are you over-spending and not able to save money? 
  • Are you stressed, trying to get your taxes done by the deadline or maybe you're even behind to the IRS?
  • Is it hard to get tasks, goals and things accomplished? Do you have trouble finishing projects?
  • Do you have trouble focusing with all the constant distractions or interruptions?                 


                                                   You don't have to keep living this way and it's easier than you think!