In 2005, I found myself struggling just to make ends meet. My credit cards were maxed out and I lived in constant fear of not having  money to cover emergencies. I needed a solution fast! Then I remembered something that I learned from my mother which I still use  today and it’s so simple a child could do it. Whenever I bought anything with cash, even if it was only  39 cents, I didn’t paid for it with coins or a one dollar bill, I used a five dollar bill or larger. If I didn’t have a five, I used a ten or twenty. If the amount was, $1.27 then I used a five dollar or larger and any coins that I had so I’d get four, one dollar bills back.                                                                                                                                                                                    

If the amount was over $4.00, I would use a ten or twenty plus coins. The object was to receive as many one dollar bills as I could.  At  the end  of each day I removed the one dollar bills from my wallet, put them in a hiding place and forgot about it. Imagine how I felt when there was $302 a month later. WOW! That’s pretty good for someone who just couldn’t seem  to  save any money and didn’t have much income either.  If I were to have taken $300 out of my income all at once, I would’ve said, “I can’t afford $300!” and wouldn’t have been able to actually come up with the money.

Saving all my coins was very time-consuming, counting, sorting and rolling all that change - I also didn’t save very much either. The amazing thing is with this method, you don’t even miss the money – it’s like finding free money in the middle of the street. I used this to help pay off debt and put hardwood floors in my house.

One of my coaching clients told me that she wanted to take a vacation, but didn’t have the money. When I told her about this method she said, “ I never use cash. I  either  write  checks or use a credit card.” I suggested that she take at least  $75 - $100  out of the ATM at the beginning of each week and start paying cash for things. She was amazed at how much she’d saved in the first month and six months later, she had enough to go on a vacation.

Need holiday cash without going into debt

                                                                                 Taylor Kay Stephens