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How I Retired at 26!

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Crystal O'Connor     Author of "Unleash Your Moxie"

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​​How to get out of overwhelm, reduce stress, accomplish more

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How to take the stress out  of getting your taxes done, even
if you're years behind to the IRS​, with this amazingly easy
and simple system. Imagine, never having to spend days or weeks stressed out trying to get your taxes done by the deadline or file an extension.  

"Taylor, as I was reading your book and you were describing the easy and simple methods you used to clean up you life, it made me open my eyes and take a look at look at my life. I immediately started organizing, straightening up and cleaning my own place, starting with my bedroom, then extending into my garage. Your story moved me to action because I wanted to experience the clarity and feeling that comes with cleaning up clutter."

Deborah Brown - Concord, North Carolina

"At last, a book with something that flat out works! After many attempts at trying to get a big project done without any success, I had all but given up because it was just too overwhelming and I always dreaded working on it. I finally decided too use your method and it worked when nothing else had. I couldn't believe how easy and simple it was and how fast I was able to finish this project. The surprising thing was, I actually enjoyed the process and looked forward to working on it. 

Your money technique is also incredible. I've wanted to go visit my family, whom I haven't seen in years, for a long time and haven't had the money. Now because of what I learned, I'll finally be able to take a vacation to see them. I use this for all kinds of things I want and it really works.

Taylor, your book is so well-written, easy to understand and very practical. You're right - these things are so simple that a child could do them. If anyone wants to get out of being overwhelmed, accomplish any task or project, break bad habits and get the chaos out of their life, they need to get this book."  

Midge Herd - Ft. Worth, Texas



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    ​​"I'm no stranger to life's tragedies, adversities and obstacles. In 1986, after the death of my husband, I spent several years on a roller coaster as I spiraled downward into a complete mental breakdown. With the support of a close friend as well as professional help, I was able to put my life back together.

    ​1998 was a turning point as I took my last drink of alcohol. In 2005, I abruptly found myself in a hospital, near death, 5 years behind to the IRS with a crumbling business, no savings and ending up in almost $100,000 worth of debt. At that point I had no idea how I'd ever clean up the mess my life had become.

    It was time for a major life change and I was willing to do whatever it took. I wanted the thrill of victory instead of the agony of defeat - I wanted comeback power! Through sheer determination, desire and tenacity I developed my own practical techniques and life skills which started me on the path of turning my life around.

    ​Because of the tremendous benefit I'd experienced in my life, I wanted to share what I learned with others. My purpose is to use my experiences to motivate, inspire and help people become self-empowered to change their lives.

    It is my true desire to turn my mess into a message and my test into a testimony. "

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    How to accomplish any task or project​, no matter how big or overwhelming, by using one quick and easy technique,
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    How  to break  seemingly impossible, bad habit​ by using one quick and easy  technique  from a former US Olympic
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    How to transform your stressful, cluttered and
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    $2000 actual cash money 

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    ​​​How  I created an extra
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