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Hello and thanks for stopping by my friend! Darlin’ you’re in for a warm, friendly and  Southern hospitality experience. My clients love coming here because its warm, cozy and they feel right at home. They also feel cared for and very special.  When you come to see me you'll be greeted by a warm, friendly face in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

  • If you’ve never had a massage before you might be wondering what it’s all about and not quite sure.
  • Maybe you’ve wanted to get one, but you heard some horror stories about other people’s experience.
  • Now maybe you’ve had a massage before but weren’t happy with the therapist or experience in general.
  • Perhaps you’re tired of getting a different massage therapist each time you go and not getting a good massage.
  • Sometimes all you want is peace and quiet, but the therapist won’t shut up and talks your ear off.
  • However if you like some conversation then I’m very easy to talk to and be around.
  • I’m also a really good listener and very non-judgmental so you can just be yourself.

Let me assure you that not all massage therapists or establishments are the same. It’s not always easy to find a therapist that you like or one that will give you the type of massage you want and need. It’s a lot like your hair dresser and believe me I do understand. Once you find a good one, you hang on to them!

  • I know what it’s like to go get a massage where the place is so cold, sterile and clinical that you don’t feel comfortable.
  • One thing I won’t do is dab a little lotion on you, rub it around and call that a massage.
  • You also won’t leave dripping in cheap lotion or oil either and I don’t use anything that is scented or stains your clothes.
  • You simply won't get a bad massage or have your time cut short: You'll get a full hour, ninety minutes or two hours.

You want a therapist that will listen to you and use the amount of pressure you want.

  • I  know what it’s like to get a massage where you nearly pass out from the pain and could swear that the therapist was a nine hundred-pound gorilla beating the crap out of you or gotten a massage so light that you wondered if the therapist was even in the room!
  • Maybe all you want is your neck and shoulders or low back worked on because they’re really hurting, but the therapist insists on giving you an all-over feel good massage instead of focusing on those areas.
  • Maybe all you want is your neck and shoulders or low back worked on because they’re really hurting, but the therapist insists on giving you an all-over feel good fluff and puff massage instead of focusing on those areas.

                                                                      Baby when you’re hurting, you want relief!

My clients are men and women of all ages:

  • Stay-at-home Moms 
  • Older retirees 
  • Construction workers 
  • CEO’s 
  • Professional athletes 
  • Entertainers
  • Massage therapists.

Your privacy is always respected so your information or anything you tell me is never shared with anyone. I am a former professional figure skating coach and a dance performer of Argentine Tango with advanced massage training. My work ranges from very light, relaxation or good old-fashioned firm massage  to pain-relief and deep-tissue. I would love to hear from you and please let me know how I can help you.

I look forward to seeing you,                                                                                                                                                                      Taylor

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Taylor Kay Stephens

​Licensed Massage Therapist

​Over 20 years experience

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